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Vanish™ Frac Plug

4–8 Minute Mill Time with Minimal Debris

The FHE Vanish Plug securely stays in place to isolate zones while hydraulic fracturing. It mills out quickly with less debris.

The cast iron slips grab and holds the casing and won’t move when under pressure. Each slip is heat treated on the exterior for improved gripping strength but they mill to near powder.

The interlocking components of the Vanish Plug are constructed primarily of compressed composite molding, which is stronger and more consistent for improved performance.

The wide 1.25” throat easily allows flow back operations and wireline alterations. The ball, whether dropped or in place, is recessed to prevent wasted time when milling begins.

Vanish Frac Plug Features

  • Compressed composite molded plug reduces to fine particles.
  • Large 1.25” internal diameter throat for easy flow back operations and helps to get to the bottom quicker.
  • Recessed ball placement allows drilling bits to grab plug when milling begins which then improves mill times.
  • True 10K differential, not just 10K rated.
  • Interlocking components and sealing element prevent plug spinning during milling.
  • Mill out times average 4–8 minutes, nearly twice as fast as the industry standard.

Vanish Frac Plug Specifications

Description FHE Vanish Plug (5.5” Frac Plug)
Outer Diameter 4.38”
Internal Diameter 1.25” ”
Pressure Rating 10,000 PSI (True 10K Differential)
Setting Tools Baker E4 Style, Owen 3-5/8” Compact Style, and Diamondback Disposable
Sealing Element Material Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR)
Deployment Speed Up to 600’/Minute
Mill Time Average 4–8 Minutes (with JZ Rock Bit)
Slip Material Cast Iron with External Heat Treatment
Configurations Drop Ball or Ball-In-Place

Vanish Frac Plug 10K Differentialk Pressure Rating

Vanish frac plug 10K chart