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Safely Lifts and Lowers Tool and Gun Assemblies with Controlled Movement to Reduce Potential Injuries and Equipment Damage

The FHE Gunslinger allows a single operator to safely raise and lower tool and gun assemblies to prevent the potential dangers of working under suspended loads and avoid unnecessary damage to wireline and tools.

When suspended, tool assemblies are lowered to the wide funnel receptacle and guided by the upper restraints on the Gunslinger. The assembly sets against the corrugated channel. The Gunslinger is then hydraulically-activated by a remote operator to lower from 80 degrees to completely horizontal. Once lowered, the funnel cap is removed and the assembly is extended to be worked on at an ideal, average working height.

The FHE Gunslinger eliminates risk of injury in a routine procedure and extends gun building capability at the wellhead.

Gunslinger Features

  • Safely raises and lowers tool and gun assemblies up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Supports gun lengths up to 45 ft.
  • Creates natural barrier from danger zones.
  • Ideal average working height for operators.