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FHE FracLock System

FHE FracLock limits exposure of employees to the danger zones, boosts stages completed each day, and cuts operational expenses.

  • Limits Danger Zone Exposure
  • Multiple Stages Per Day
  • 24% Lower Completions Cost
  • Eliminate
    75% of NPT
FHE FracLock

The FracLock technology clears all wellsite workers from dangerous areas during well operations. Crews will no longer have to enter risky areas to investigate leaks, secure hammer unions, or adjust whip stops. Keeping everyone out of harms way.

This system eliminates over 85% of frac iron at the wellhead. Without the clutter of equipment on-site, personnel have greater access to the wellhead with less potential injury from tripping, colliding with equipment and tools, or other accidents.

FHE FracLock

FHE FracLock

The FracLock is central to the entire FracLock System and all wellhead operations. It remotely connects surface equipment to the wellhead which keeps crews safer and speeds up operations.

FHE FracLock Features
  • Remotely connects equipment to the wellhead.
  • Universal adapter gives well access to all well services.
  • 7 inch, 15K working pressure for optimized operations.
  • Capable of 130 bpm fluid transfer.

Have questions? Email us at sales@builtbyfhe.com.

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FracLock Control Unit

FracLock Control Unit

Safety indication lights are prominently displayed to ensure proper closure of each FracLock. Digital readouts quickly and accurately display to the operators the FracLock operating pressures.

The well pressure monitoring system monitors the pressure on the well and prevents operators from inadvertently releasing the FracLock when pressure is being registered.

Control Unit Features
  • Safety light indicators inform operators when connection is secure.
  • Well pressure monitoring system prevents unlocking while well pressure is indicated.
  • Digital touch screen gives easy access to critical information.

Looking for more information, call us at 970-243-0727.

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FracLock Articualted Arm

FracLock Articulated Arm

The FracLock articulated arm maneuvers the high pressure dynamic flow iron into position to connect with the FracLock. It has a tremendous range of motion which reaches over 40 feet out at a height of 25 feet from radial center. The articulated arm rotates 360 degrees. This range of motion allows operators to reach several wellheads from a central location to maximize operation up time and increase overall productivity.

Articulated Arm Features
  • Replaces the overgrowth of frac iron and other equipment.
  • Limits exposure of employees to dangerous conditions inside the red zone with a 40 foot reach and 360 degrees range of motion.
  • 12 position programmable recall lets operators return to set locations with a pair of buttons.
  • Quickly maneuvers from wellhead to wellhead.

Find out more. Email us at sales@builtbyfhe.com.

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FracLock Dynamic Flow Iron

FracLock Dynamic Flow Iron

Dynamic flow iron attaches to the wellhead through the FracLock to allow high pressure fluids to be exchanged from the surface into the well. The dynamic flow iron is constructed with 5 axes of rotation to easily maneuver around the well site.

Dynamic Flow Iron Features
  • Engineered and constructed for high pressure and abrasive fluids.
  • Features 5 points of rotation to ensure proper placement of equipment to the FracLock.
  • Elbows, joints, and swivels are optimized to reduce erosion and extend the life of the construction materials.

Have questions? Email us at sales@builtbyfhe.com.

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