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FHE Wireline Pressure Control Operations Training Course

In today’s Oil and Gas Industry, having trained, competent, confident personnel is critical. Quality trained teams will ensure that your field operations are delivered flawlessly each time, every time. We at FHE understand the importance and need for such training and are pleased to introduce…

FHE Wireline Pressure Control Operations (WPCE) Training

This is a 5-day training course specifically tailored to offer our client’s with a ‘real world’ Pressure Control education for today’s diverse Wireline field operations. Our instructor and support staff are highly qualified and bring with them current, field proven experience that is essential to ensure a highly integral and robust curriculum.

First and foremost, FHE’s Wireline Pressure Control Operations (WPCE) Training is specifically designed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of FHE manufactured Pressure Control Equipment. However, what sets us apart is the proven field experience of our highly trained staff who possess a vast and intimate knowledge of Pressure Control Equipment from a variety of manufactures. Therefore, our trainer and support staff will ensure your team are getting fit-for-purpose training regardless of your specific WPCE inventory.

We, at FHE, realize how disruptive, and costly sending personnel outside of the operational base for training can be. With that in mind, if you have the facility, the equipment and the need we’ll come to your facility, utilize the WPCE your personnel use in their operations and work on your schedule.

FHE Training Objectives

FHE’s Wireline Pressure Control Operations Training offers a full curriculum that will include:

  • Class Room / Theoretical Training (via instructor lead video presentation and student issued workbook/ notebooks)
    • Identify and define the specific, individual WPCE components that make up a typical Wireline Pressure Control String. In this segment of the training the components are defined as to fit-form & function. (ie. How they work, what their intended purpose is and what their limitations are.)
    • Define and explain the importance of the ancillary components that are required for proper function of the WPCE.
    • Well site specific requirements inclusive of standard rig-up / rig down and operational procedures.
    • Hazard / Failure mitigation and emergency response instruction.
    • Open Discussion
  • Hands On / Basic Equipment Maintenance Training
    • Full WPCE Rig-up and simulated Wireline deployment of a complete pressure control string.
    • Various failure simulation ie. Lost Grease Seal, High Strand repair, etc.
    • Proper operation of Grease Injection Skid
    • Troubleshooting technics
    • Pre / Post Operational basic equipment service & maintenance (This segment is heavily weighted due to the importance of routine maintenance of ALL WPCE).
  • Written Exam
    • A written exam will be administered to gauge the understanding of the material by the personnel. (80% passing grade required)
    • All successful personnel will be awarded an official training certificate and operational wallet card.
    • 3 year re-certification
    • FHE Certification Database will archive all training records for specific and secure visibility by our clients. The benefit to this database is not only will your training records be filed indefinitely but our clients will be prompted, via email notification when certifications are due.
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