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Immediate Access to Equipment RECORDS & Certifications with FHE CORE

FHE Core: Asset Management

FHE recognized the customer’s need for convenient access to their equipment’s records and certifications. After countless hours and numerous iterations, FHE is excited to share with you CORE (FHE Core Certification System). CORE, this groundbreaking web-based software, gives you instant access to all your pressure control equipment records. FHE’s CORE provides customers with the ability to monitor and manage not only their equipment but also their FHE Pressure Control Certifications.

FHE developed this on-line application for customers to be able to find any FHE certification with a simple click of a button. Need more detailed information? Use our built in filters to see information the way you want. From serial numbers, to location, to dates, you control what you need to know, see, download and print.

In a fast paced environment, it’s important to be able to get data quickly and access the most up to date information on your equipment’s certification history. FHE has this one of a kind infrastructure built to manage certifications and valuable documentation. CORE was created to handle large and small volume customers and to keeping track of every aspect of your equipment’s history.