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Pump In Sub

Bleed-off Fluids and Gases or Pump-in Crucial Additives

The Pump-In Sub gives you a 2 in. 1502 port to bleed-off well gases and fluids from your pressure control stack. It also gives you an inlet to equalize equipment and add helpful fluids that can change viscosity or remove damaging crystal formations from your equipment.

Pump In Sub Features

  • Bleed-off excess well fluids or formation gases
  • Add supportive fluids to protect equipment and increase production
  • Equalize well pressure with pressure control equipment stack
  • Flanged or standard side ports available
  • Auxiliary side ports for gauges or valves
  • Used for multiple operations
  • Available in all IDs, union types and sizes
  • H2S service

Pump In Sub Specifications

  3" 4-1/16" 5-1/8" 5-1/2" 7-5/8" 8-1/2"

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